COVID-19 Vaccination Card: Protection and Replacement

COVID-19 Vaccination Card
COVID-19 Vaccination Card

Keeping Your COVID-19 Vaccination Card Safe  

Just about everyone who has received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine has been provided a vaccine card.  As you would expect, the cards include important information about the type of vaccine you received, as well as the date and site where the dose(s) were administered.

As vaccine cards are becoming increasingly more important and may potentially be needed in the workplace as proof of vaccination status or required for certain activities outside of work, it’s important that vaccinated individuals keep their vaccine cards safe.   Common sense steps to protect your card:

  1. Store it in a safe place
  2. Take a photo of the card – ideally on a phone so you have an electronic record
  3. Consider using a protective sleeve

If you’ve lost your card, or never received a card, consider these resources:

According to the CDC, if you have lost or never received your COVID-19 vaccine card, the first action you should take is to contact your vaccination provider site directly to find out how you can get a card.

If you are unable to contact the vaccination provider directly, other options include:

  • Contact your state health department’s immunization information system (IIS) (e.g. PA Department of Health site). They can find state IIS information on the CDC’s website. Vaccination providers are required to report COVID-19 vaccinations to their IIS and related systems.
  • If enrolled in v-safe or VaxText after your first vaccine dose, you can access your vaccination information using these tools as well.

If you have made every effort to locate your vaccination card and are still unable to get a copy or replacement, you should contact a vaccination provider for more information.

Get Your Cards And Stay Safe

Get Your Cards And Stay Safe Proof of Covid-19 ,Need a COVID-19 ‘vaccine passport’ to travel ?

Get Your Cards And Stay Safe Proof of Covid-19 Need a COVID-19 ‘vaccine passport’ to travel ?
Get Your Cards And Stay Safe Proof of Covid-19 Need a COVID-19 ‘vaccine passport’ to travel ?

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Europe is embracing the idea of the so called vaccine passports also known as health certificates or travel passes to boost pandemic-depressed travel quickly enough for the peak summer vacation season.

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Proof of Covid-19 Vaccination Card

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Given everything that precipitated it, the vaccination card is oddly disappointing, the horror of the pandemic answered with a piece of paper that looks like an award an elementary school teacher might give out. In the absence of any clarity from the CDC on how those white cards were designed, public health experts have offered a variety of opinions, the most compelling of which is that in the midst of a once-in-a-lifetime crisis, getting shots into arms took priority over meditating on the particular shape of a government-issue form. (As one person told The Atlantic, it’s probably part of the same structural lag that had state-level officials sending crucial infection data to the feds over fax.) It’s the kind of unexamined but wildly consequential decision that makes sense in the grim chaos of the country’s Covid response, and one that was noted early by people like Ed Felten, a former government officer and longtime security researcher. Was the card a certificate